Tuesday, August 27, 2013

3 Traits of the Best Project Managers

You know them as the ‘A’ team…. The ones the company brings in when they need to make sure the project is done – and done right the first time.  They come in all shapes, and sizes…some quiet and authoritative and some who like to make a grand entrance.  They aren't necessarily on the warm and fuzzy list of favorite people you want to know, but above all else they are respected for who they are and for their ability to get the job done.   So how do you get yourself on this list?  What traits do you need to develop to become one of ‘Them’?
Communication:  Communication is key to everything we do in the business world.  If you cannot effectively convey yourself to your clients, co-workers, managers, and subordinates, you cannot accomplish anything.  The people who are most skilled at listening to others, conveying their intentions, and clearly stating requirements are the most adept at meeting client’s needs and getting subcontractors and subordinates to participate in the project when they are supposed to.... making the process as smooth as possible.   I’m not referring to the guy who likes to yell and manipulate people with fear either…anyone can be loud and pushy.  The truly polished manager is the one who can make himself / herself known without so much as a raised tone of voice.   They don’t need to raise their voice - because everyone knows that to ignore the boss is to cut off their own right arm. 
Motivation (a.k.a. Understanding People):  So why would someone feel like they cut off their right arm by ignoring the boss?  Because the best Project Mangers Understand people and know how to help them feel personally invested in the success of the project.    Managing a project well requires listening and comprehension. …you need to be on the same page with everyone striving for the same goal.  A good manager also needs to know when to push people, how hard to push and when to let them have some room.  It may not seem like a skill for a manager to ‘step away’ from a project…it may feel more like being abandoned when you are the employee shouldering the burden.  But when the project is complete and that employee is suddenly ready for a promotion because of what they just learned, you know you are dealing with a master project manager - one that knows when to step in and take over or when to turn up the heat. 
Organization:  Getting lost is not an option.  Neither is getting anyone else lost.  The best Project Managers need to be more reliable than a GPS when navigating a project.   Not to say they never take a detour… even the best managers run into road blocks, issues and set-backs.  Mistakes happen too, but an organized manager will know where everything is at and where it all needs to go, so they can make the adjustments needed to keep the project moving forward.   This is the heart of managing - trying to foresee and make the changes necessary to reach the end goal faster and better than anyone else. 
So who is our ‘A’ Team?  That’s the good news…. We don’t have a ‘B’ team.  When you hire MeritCorp, Group, you get our ‘A’ team every time.  When new people are brought on-board in our office we put them with an experienced Project Manager who oversees the whole project and begins training them to eventually become part of our ‘A’ team. 
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