Friday, February 28, 2014

Can I get a Survey in the Winter?

With the severity of the winter weather this year our thoughts have turned to
the challenges of providing a survey in the winter weather.  While surveys are completed in the winter time, there are several factors to consider when deciding if the weather is a detriment to your goal.  The first thing to consider is what kind of survey do you need?  Once you have determined the need you can then look at the conditions, timing and cost to see if it really would make a difference to wait.  A few of the most commonly known surveys are as follows:

Boundary Survey:  In a nutshell, this type of survey is required to establish the property boundary and mark the corners of any property.  The more formal explanation says:  * “….…The purpose of a boundary survey is to establish or re-establish the extent of title lines, and to define and identify those lines so as to uniquely locate each lot, parcel or other specific land area in relation to well recognized and established points of reference, adjoining properties, and rights of way.”  

Since this type of survey defines the boundaries, it is necessary to find fixed points, features or previous monumentation (markers) which can mean breaking ice, digging snow and fighting with the frozen ground.  This can make surveying in the winter challenging, but not impossible.  A client can expect a slight increase in cost, depending on the size and nature of the property and its’ associated legal descriptions.  This may also mean waiting a day or two if there is a snow storm or extreme cold, but should not prevent a surveyor from completing the project goal.

Mortgage Survey – This is a boundary survey that also includes the building locations and easements.  This is different than a Mortgage Inspection (See Mortgage Inspection below).

Mortgage Inspection - *“A Mortgage Inspection does not approach the standards of other survey categories, though ….the services of an Illinois Professional Land Surveyor are required.  A mortgage inspection is not a type of boundary survey or ALTA/ACSM survey and does not constitute a boundary survey of the subject real property.  A mortgage inspection includes field investigation, measurements and graphic representation of improvements. The mortgage inspection is intended for use by a mortgage lender and/or title insurer and is only a professional opinion of the relationship of improvements with respect to the deed lines and the existence, location and type of building on the property, the intent of which is to assist in the determination of the property's suitability to serve as collateral for a mortgage.  It is not an opinion as to deed, title or platted lines.  It is not to be used in matters of boundary disputes, legal actions between landowners, or for construction purposes.  No new legal descriptions can be created from a mortgage inspection.”

Topographic Survey – While a boundary survey is completed in one dimension (flat), a topographic survey depicts elevations and contours of the land, buildings, sidewalks, utilities, and other features of the property.  This would include both natural (rivers, trees, etc.) and man-made features.  A more technical definition is: *“……the delineation of horizontal and/or vertical locations of the existing natural or man-made features of a portion of the earth's surface, subsurface or airspace and the graphic representation of the results of such delineation. ..”    Topographic surveys are frequently used in the design stage for new construction projects and may include boundary lines and easements (boundary survey) and may be part of a survey performed per the ALTA/ASCM standards.

Since a Topographic survey looks at all of the land features and the height or elevation of those features, it makes winter surveying more difficult.  Snow and ice covering the ground, especially in open areas with heavy drifting can make it difficult or impossible to determine vertical changes.  Utility structures, concrete, and monuments can be buried in the snow.  In order for a surveyor to take accurate measurements they may need to shovel snow to get to the roadway or other fixed height in multiple sections meaning the surveyor may spend more time shoveling the 5 ft of snow at the side of the road then they do actually measuring for the survey.  Again, this can affect the timing and  add cost or delay the survey if the weather prohibits proper measurements.

ALTA/ASCM – While other surveys may have slight variations in how they are presented, the ALTA standards were established to maintain uniformity in the information provided to lenders and Title companies.  This is not so much a type of survey, but a standard set of information that has to be included with the survey that is requested.  It includes a boundary survey and some, if not all of a Topographic Survey.   There are some options as to what is included or not and that is typically determined by the Lending Institution.  Commercial land transactions are the most common reason for an ALTA/ASCM survey.  Overall it is much more detailed survey and higher in cost due to the established standard that is followed.

As in the boundary and Topographic survey, the winter Cold, snow, ice, and frost cause longer monumentation searches when measuring and locating boundaries.  When Extreme cold occurs it can affect equipment calibration and battery life.  Since the ALTA/ASCM has more detailed and exacting standards it is of the utmost importance to have visibility and access to the whole site with few or no obstructions.  Winter conditions can greatly affect the surveyor’s ability to perform.  While it isn’t impossible, these factors can affect the timing and cost of providing this type of survey in the winter months.  A survey of this type will almost always bear a notation that it was performed in winter conditions and may not depict certain features otherwise found in optimum conditions.

While the winter months tend to keep most people indoors, it is nice to know that a surveyor is still able to get out and perform the job.  Just as Snow Drifts can hide features in the winter, a large bush or trees can be an obstruction in the summer.    It is important to consider the type of survey, the level of detail needed and timeframe required.  While there may be a slightly higher cost or a weather delay to consider in the wintertime, a quality surveyor can accomplish the needed survey no matter what time of year.   

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- By Jonathan Spinazzola , PLS
Edited by Rebecca Luginbill

*The 2012 Illinois compiled statutes and administrative rules for the practice of professional land surveying in the state of Illinois, published by: Illinois professional land surveyors association

Friday, February 21, 2014

Oswego, IL - State of the Village for 2014

As a business and member of the Oswego Chamber, I attended the 3rd Annual Oswego Chamber of Commerce “State of the Village” address on February 17th featuring Village President Brian LeClercq and Oswego Economic Development Director Vijay Gadde.  The theme of this event was Oswego’s pro-business climate, accomplishments over the past year and future development highlights.   We at MeritCorp Group are excited about these growth opportunities in our area and hope that it will continue to strengthen the economic development in Oswego and the surrounding communities in the coming years.  Following are the Highlights from the breakfast:

- Win Soon, Inc. is planning their second U.S. production facility in 2014 for their Asian style cultured beverages in Oswego, IL in the Kendall Point Business Center.  They expect to create 40 fulltime employment positions the first year and reach 180 by the year 2020.  Read more in the Oswego Patch.
- It is not official yet, but rumor has it that the vacant Lowe’s building finally has a buyer.  The tentative plan is the break it up into multiple retail spaces and Hobby Lobby may be one of the first retailers to fill a large portion of the now empty space.  
- Last year the Village approved a development plan and special use permit for a truck transit facility at 2000 Wiesbrook Drive in the Kendall Point Business Center.  This year the opening of the Sam’s Club logistics center at that location should start with 40 jobs for area residents and hopefully grow to around 100.
- Although Centrella looked at buying multiple Dominicks stores that stand empty at the end of last year, the fate of the empty store remains uncertain. Rumors of different grocery chains (Whole Foods?) are floating around in other markets but given the number of grocers in close proximity to this location that may not be the case in Oswego. The possibility of breaking the retail space up to suit smaller businesses is more likely for this location.  Vijay Gadde is working with the building’s current owner to help find an end user(s) but ultimately the fate of that space is in the hands of the owner.
- Despite the overall sluggish economy, Oswego has a healthy number  of new residential housing permits and new commercial businesses opened.  For more information on these numbers and the growth and development happening in Oswego visit 

- By Todd Roberts

For  information on the Village of Oswego Visit: 
For Information on the Oswego Chamber of Commerce: